Our Environment

Our Nursery Room

Baby Bees

The Baby Bees room caters for 6 children, aged between 6 weeks and 18 months.  We run the room at a lower educator to child ratio, as we believe in this room, that the children need more one on one time with their educators.  We provide all nappies at the service and while your bub is young we ask that you provide the formula or breast milk.  We follow the routine that you have with your baby so we ensure that we are keeping everything consistent while they attend Bumble Bees.  When your bub is a bit older, we provide the food and solids that you have tried at home which is cooked on our premises by our chef, Robyn.

Our recently renovated cot room provides the children with a tranquil, quiet and soothing space complete with a salt lamp providing dusky pink hues to the sleeping space. 

We provide an indoor environment which is calming and nurturing where we foster and scaffold learning and development.  Within the safety of this environment the children can be themselves, explore and experience different aspects of play.

We have a purposely designed nursery outdoor environment to include elements of nature, sensory and physical exploration.  This area is specifically designed for the children in this age group only.

Honey Bees

The Honey bees group is for children aged between 18 months and 3 years.  It is in this group we encourage self feeding, toilet training, and other developmental milestones.  We support the collaborative relationships the children are building, their exploring while supporting their social and emotional wellbeing.

Each child is provided with a sleeping mat and sheets, which are stored in bag labelled with the child’s name.

Busy Bees

The busy bees are our preschool aged children.  It is here we focus on preparing the children for school.  Our school readiness program is embedded in our curriculum everyday through play based experiences. 

We foster the interests of the children and build on these by providing extensions to their learning. The honey bees and busy bees share an outdoor environment which caters for each child’s age and stage of development.  It has been designed to be an engaging, stimulating yet challenging area for the children which encompasses a mud kitchen, sand pit, bush tucker garden, a yarning circle under the fairy tree, vegetable garden and a large enclosed verandah for rainy days. 

A snapshot of our Outdoor Area for the Honey Bees and Busy Bees!